Concept: #TOPVFOLLOW Machè X JBF Customs X Nitro_licious

May 22, 2014

My second #topVfollow person is @nitro_licios. I’ve been a fan of hers since I found her blog through freshnessmag. She has her ear to the beat and is in the pulse of the street/ high-end fashion for men and women. When I saw the ill Jordan V that @mache275 and @jbfcustoms did I just felt like this shoe was made specifically for her. Even though she didn’t own a pair I came up with the concept to create a IG shot of her as if she was wearing there custom. I hope you like it @mache275and @jbfcustoms! There are 3 more days of the week and 4 more people for me to reveal. Please stay tuned to my IG and website for more info on my #TopVFollow