Early Years…Established in 2012, due to the lack of coveted footwear in Hampton Roads, Virginia, DeadStocksVA event house launched specializing in providing safe spaces to buy, sell and trade shoes. DeadStocksVA created a central hub for true sneaker collectors to get what they want within our local community of Virginia and neighboring states such as DC, Maryland, Baltimore and North Carolina. DeadStocks VA bridged the culture gap between sneaker collectors enabling them a chance to cop their most sought after “grails”.

Mission: “Tell the story from the lens of the sneaker enthusiast”.

Coming of Age…On the heels of our successful sneaker events we launched “DeadStocksVA TV”. The focus being on the consumer and their love for the culture. We believe the people that go out to spend their hard earned money and time waiting on lines should be celebrated as well.

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